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    @sbchamps17 said in Physical media vs Download for MLB the Show 24:

    Yes you can, I have a Nintendo switch lite and can get all my games digitally but I actually prefer an SD card

    Storage wise I’d rather have a dozen SD cards over a dozen BluRay discs. I prefer the ease of going from game to game with digital.

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    @broken_toy1 You take my post out of context. There was only one „idiotic“ and I think this is not the way a discussion needs to be … period, end of my statement 🙂

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    @fubar2k7 said in More interactive story:

    @broken_toy1 said in More interactive story:

    @Happy_Money_32 said in More interactive story:

    Honestly, we just need a long story that is interactive with media, fans, signing autographs, etc. We don't need any connection to diamond dynasty. RTTS should be completely separate from any other mode. We want to feel like we are starting and living the career of a MLB baseball. That means every aspect. We want to interact with media and become a personality. We should be able to get sponsored and go through with making deals. We want to be able to interact with fans and coaches. Include more diving and big time plays on defense because it starts to get boring fielding the same ground ball and fly balls. We want to throw people out more and have an impact on the game defensively the same as offensively.

    I'm sure you're right about a small percentage of MLBTS players, but the vast majority play DD. I'd like to see more additions, more immersion, more media and fan interaction, but to do so would be to take away from other aspects of the game. Those things take time, man power, and money. In time those things will be addressed. It would be easier, and cost effective, for them to take it out of the game altogether. Instead they are improving the mode every year. It's a process.

    Playing with my player in DD is a great idea. No, it doesn't go towards TA, but I like using a guy that looks like me with my basic stance and swing mechanics, plus my last name looks mighty awesome on the back of an Angels jersey. What you're saying is that because you want RTTS out of DD, people that want it in are SOL. Right now, not a lot of people use their CAP in DD. That will change as they get it right. It's a process. What didn't work in 21 changed in 22. What didn't work in 22 changed in 23. I have no doubt there will be changes to RTTS that will improve the mode in 24.

    They add more every year as well. New animations, new interviews, and additions already existing improvements continue to occur. There is still plenty to fix. At least SDS is trying fix what they can when they can, all the while, maintaining a high quality game every year. Just give them the time to do it. It's a process.

    They had created players in DD before they linked them up. They don’t need to be linked the way it is now. RTTS can be the way it was before and be unrelated to DD.

    Thank you, I didn't know that.

    That's the point though. Linking it is the most viable way for it to be useful to more people. Why would they keep a mode that isn't used by the vast majority of players? How many posts are there about RTTS compared to DD? With RTTS's pitching broken right now, there should be more complaints on a forum like this if it was the primary mode used by more people. Link it, get more people involved, then upgrade the mode more, if it's popular enough. This is all just supposition, of course. However, I do believe it could make RTTS more useful to more players

    I don't remember that being an option. When did they stop it before the current system? I think I have 18-20 sitting around. I'd like to take a look.

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    Can you add a select stadium on player lock or fix ao the stadium you have assigned is the one you play in it's been like this for couple years and I wouldn't doubt it's the same in 24 as well

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    Looking to start an online franchise type league when 24 comes out. Tier drafts, free agency, etc. Would keep the same team for multiple seasons. Similar to when the game had online franchise. Looking for people of all skill levels from rookie to HOF. Would like a good mix.

    Also will be looking for admins for the league. If interested in participating or being an admin please message me.

    Also the league will be ran through Discord

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    @SaveFarris said in New Equipment:

    They are an abomination of the game and should be banned immediately.

    Looks like a chainsaw blade cover for a 16” bar…..slid on top of a flip flop

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    @icdavis882 I read you other comment. Are you making sure that you get to the next moment screen. Kind of like how you can't turn it off any more when you get poor trade choices. You have to go to your next game now. Not starting the next game, just to the next opportunity.

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    This is too late for 24. Way, way too late. Mark it for 25 or 26.

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    @BRETTSANT05 it's your opponents intentionally exploiting a glitch to win. Once you leave, the game will resume and they will win, unless only one of you leaves. Then the game game resumes 2v1. Ps5 folks do it to my friend and all the time

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    @cchris2fly_ said in Companion App Squad:

    Whenever i press the squad button it just goes to a gray screen

    Be thankful. That particular interface is horrid

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    It's been fixed. Thank you SDS.

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    Silver Puck Skill Set Mission Even if you play a lot of games, you won't achieve the mission. Please help me

    Network settings and reinstalling the application will not solve the problem

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    A lot of great points made in the thread. My OP was definitely short sighted

    Looking forward to hearing from those who have early access how the content structure looks