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    I hit one 712 feet but a CPU fielder made a diving catch of it in front of the newspaper stand across the street

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    OMG stop complaining about foul balls, it's all about how you pitch, just throw a fastball up and in and they swing and miss 80% of the time

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    I an new to doing this and need some help to know how to do the face scan for the road to the show. Any help will be great please and thank you.

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    Anyone else have issues with the game crashing while doing a fantasy draft in franchise mode? For xbox series X. Every single time I do the game crashes and sends me to the main dashboard, without fail. I can only get through 5 or 6 rounds before it does this. I have tried uninstalling, then reinstalling, 3 times. Still the same.
    Anyone have any suggestions?
    Can't seem to get any answers from the people who made or sold me this pos. They apparently don't care either. Last time I buy MLB the show. Big thumbs down

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    In custom leagues these 5 issues still remain broken and I am hoping I can at least get them corrected before there is no more patches. I play this game the entire year.

    Players showing they have zero stats during the game when coming to the plate but they actually do have hits, hrs etc...

    Still when u pause the game it shows different team logos and team displays in background.

    So with the above issue when making substitutions it shows wrong team display usually team your playing. Just looks weird I'm making subs for my team and say I'm playing Yankees it shows the Yankees had made the substitutions for my astros players.

    At the end of every game it says the pitcher just got his first MLB win and these are veteran pitchers usually.

    Players photos do not show when coming to plate, in the video boards or when it shows NEXT 3 DUE UP.

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    If you don't play RTTS or you don't like the look sell it. They are just skins like any other game.

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    Can you no longer do this? I just got to the draft and didn’t get any TA points in 2 different MTO’s. Are you kidding me?

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    I've never understood the ad thing, like why we can't do it I mean. Hopefully with the mid-season update this week there will be some changes

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    Hey, I would like to know how the parallels work for co-op (23) my friend started it and he has Dansby Swanson P2 but I bave Dansby P4

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    @AdamBomb629_XBL said in Problems logging in:

    @sbchamps17_NSW said in Problems logging in:

    It's on Xbox's end not SDS so contact them and stop blaming SDS for something that isn't their fault when everyone who is having problems on here is Xbox not Playstation

    Wow, I had no idea you worked on software development and know where the problem lies. Thanks!

    It's simple look at the color of people's name it's all green which means Xbox, so obviously it's on Xbox's end not SDS. If someone else showed up on here with it blue or red then it's on SDS but since it's green it means that it's on Xbox's end

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    I am also having this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Es justo reconocer las cosas buenas del Juego

    Les doy credito por esto. Gracias

    Olvídense de las cartas 99 y los huevos del juego.

    Esto ha sido lo mas duro que he visto en los años que llevo jugándolo.

    🟢Stand UP to Cancer 🟢💪🏽💪🏽🙏

    Que muchos pacientes existen Online que esperan un mensaje como ese. Bien por esa creatividad


    Seran bienvenidos algunos Stubs

    User: UnderDogsProject

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    How long does it take to receive tournament 1st place bundle? All-Star card pack and 11k stubs. I’m getting notifications of friends receiving what seems like a bunch of All-Star / Draft cards at the same time. Would be cool to get these card while they’re still new