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    This is very simple request, the game has done a great job with allowing players to customize their games with a retro glove and plenty of retro cleats.

    I’m hoping MLB the show could continue that trend in the future or even include it in an up coming patch for the MLB the Show 24 game. I’d love to see retro catchers masks, chest protectors, and shin guards. I would also like to see retro batting helmet (no flaps) and bats. It would also be interesting if they could allow to have players have a retro fielding cap or not wear a helmet batting. Maybe even allow retro uniform fitting, such as baggy pants or a mid shin length which was common in the 1950s.

    The game has done a good job incorporating some retro gear, I would just love to see them completely embrace it so that the community could create entire retro leagues with retro gear to really give it that look. Maybe I’m the only one, but since they’ve already given us so much, it would be cool if they went all in and just completely embraced it. I’m sure MLB might have some rules around this, but maybe not

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    @Tylerslikewhoa said in SDS please stop:

    The hype is amazing going into season two. Can’t believe you are giving Jr for free in the xp reward path. Let’s go!!

    Grow up.

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    Makes me back out after every game instead of staying in the game for the whole series like it usually does, just started happening with the last update, my player is a position player on Boston in the majors

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    I tried and tested all swing types. Normal is the best as far as online. Idk about offline

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    Any update if patch 11 will be when blue jays uniforms are added? Will we finally get to choose correct uniforms?

    It's almost June 1st and tired of waiting.

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    The BR rewards are already up for sale because people go 9-0 the stop until the new rewards came out got the last win and boom they got the BR reward, it's been like that for a while now

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    Not sure the exact amount but you can do multiple at a time. I had the Yankees and Dodgers started before chapter 3 came out, got them both to the break a few days before and flew through them when chapter 3 came out.

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    I was looking for a big outfield 415+ to center atleast 340 to the corners but almost every option has weird dimensions like 315 to left and 375 to right .
    Or one wall is like 20 feet tall.
    If you change the dimensions manually it makes it ineligible to play I think .
    I want symmetrical outfield with a uniform wall height of about 8ft .
    Am I missing something?

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    @IceyKrisp_PSN I wouldn’t call it the most fun game mode

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    Laughable. No help. Absolute joke you all are

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    Are there parameters to pass the user and password info to gain access to this API or does this need to be done through a web extension (while the user is logged in)?

    When I access the Items API I do it through Powershell, but the Inventory API is acting differently. I need to be logged into my account on the website to access this API, but Powershell doesn't know that I'm logged in.

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    anyone up for casual?

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    Until the contract issue gets resolved, doesn't matter how many prayer hand emojis you use.