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    Is there a setting for seeing your teammates speed attribute in the little diamond in the upper right corner when there on base during the game? It works for the CPU and last year it worked for us. Did they take that out?

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    Repeatable pitcher missions in mini seasons with a lineup of repeatable mission cards. Showdown is not the move.

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    Dang. Sounds to me like you're seriously unlucky.
    I honestly don't know how the CPU chooses how a team will do, but it can vary to both extremes. For instance: I've got two players who got drafted by the Cubs. The first player is stuck on a Cubs team that is dead last in the NL Central every year. The second finished their rookie season by helping the Cubs win the Pennant. (The Cubs would go on to win the Worlds Series, but my player was optioned back to Triple-A before the series began.) So...yeah. Total luck of the draw. Hope yours improves.

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    I am playing a Franchise as the Dodgers. When making edits to players, I accidentally turned "Two Way Player" to "No" for Shohei Ohtani without realizing. It does not give me the option to change it back. It just allows me to choose his primary position as SP, RP or CP. I am not able to change his secondary position (DH) or to make him a two-way player again so he can pitch and hit. Is there a fix or workaround for this?

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    @jjmitch88 the easiest way to fix this would have been a cap limit on buy and sell orders. There is no reason to have over 1000 available.

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    I just recently started playing M2O, and while I enjoy this game mode, for the most part, there are a few bugs that I find very annoying.

    While creating my custom uniform, my edited uniform resets to default every time I upload custom images. e.g. Hat, Uniform, and Helmet logos

    Ribbon boards display the team name that I'm playing with over my custom created team name. (Currently playing with the Royals, and the boards have "Royals" plastered over my custom logo)

    Graphics display secondary team color instead of primary color. Not a big deal but wish you could change it somehow.

    Some other things that I've noticed aren't really bugs but that I wish could be changed somehow are:

    Make it possible to edit logos/uniforms after the season starts.

    Make it possible to edit player's uniforms and gear.

    These are just a few things that I can think of off the top of my head.

    I enjoy playing this game mode, because online isn't really my thing. It's nice, because I enjoy playing in my custom stadiums and enjoy making custom teams with actual rosters. Plus, you get DD xp while playing.

    I'm curious if anyone else has noticed these issues and if you may have ideas on ways to make this game mode more enjoyable.


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    @SalmanHOF said in Is it impossible to play new stadiums on switch?:

    I would like to play the bandboxes too. Do I have to buy a PS5 to do so?

    You can get an XBox X or S and play in custom stadiums too.

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    Did you figure this out? Dealing with the same thing currently

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    0 stubs online and no roster

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    @Pat_SDS Amazing! Really looking forward to this one!

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    I thought I was the only one.

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    Made A Guy Rage Quit! MLB 24 - Ranked 1V1

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