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    After you sign your draftees, they won't appear on your roster until the next season

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    @AdeptOfMemory_PSN said in Why does Ohtani not get Devers boost?:

    @BiigD008_XBL said in Why does Ohtani not get Devers boost?:

    His live series card should have been primary DH with secondary pitcher. I fear they may do that with next year's card, and have this problem again.

    What other character is a pitcher as a secondary? I don't think their game is programmed to allow a secondary pitcher in the lineup. I don't think I've seen a card a pitcher in the secondary position.

    Well not many two way players. Seems weird to have him as a starter when he’s only dhing for a year plus, but I could see why sds would want to keep his two way ability. He is the only two way thats a live series.

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    That's not true. I wrote a long series of threads on this topic at the Reddit MLB The Show sub-forum. But, all of these attributes in MLB 24 will advance eventually to their advertised cap of 50 for each individual attribute.

    However, what does happen is that there is a bias that develops as they get nearer to the top. The attribute level reverts back to its previously held level, and this cycle repeats itself several times. The code appears to be operating on the basis that the attribute advances become logarithmic as the score gets higher. This makes it more and more difficult to further advance the attribute.

    This reflects real life, though the clumsy way the game code shows it leaves people to believe there is a phony cap on the attribute scores in these areas. But eventually, you will reach the 50 cap.

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    Very helpful. Thank you both very much

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    HOF level Xbox league - good comp but not crazy.

    Active discord league six years running needs infusion of some new active users.
    No money league

    League is a draft league and commish does good job of adding in challenges.

    Very active trading.
    9 inning games.

    If you’re actually active and looking for a good league, hit me up. Discord: jbenoitfilm

    No assholes policy but we like chatting friendly [censored] in the discord. Vibes only.

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    Exactly this ^

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    Can you no longer do this? I just got to the draft and didn’t get any TA points in 2 different MTO’s. Are you kidding me?

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    @PriorFir4383355_XBL said in update 13:

    Primarily the new stuff is in the building group, three new styles of row houses, plus a couple of new gothic style residential homes. There is also a new prop in the utility group -- an old style truck featuring stadium lights in the truck bed, essentially a portable stadium light option.

    Yet another drop ball by SDS on the seating options

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    @AdeptOfMemory_PSN said in Freeze Off Question:

    @LookatTheRhino_PSN For additional information we had one of us leave and the game never ended. Just left two of us. Then the next one left and it left one in the game for about 10 more minutes before kicking him and saying he lost.

    Yeah in a 3v3 coop game, if one person leaves a game then the two other players can continue but in 2v2 coop games, if one leaves then you both leave. Sometimes it’s quick to kick off the last two players for those games but I’ve been kicked and had two friends finish the 9 inning game

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    I’ve really been enjoying using the companion app while I’m away from the game it’s awesome! But just last night out of nowhere I’m no longer able to log in. The force log out nor deleting then reinstalling the app fixes it. Please help lol

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    Gamer Not Found error, universal profile is likely broken.

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    When I select "Purchase or Redeem" I get stuck on a white screen forever. Just started yesterday. For all users on this device.

    Nintendo Switch

    Any ideas?


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    GameStop in Arizona has it.