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    Without looking at my cards I will list the ones I can think of.

    Fernando Valenzuela
    Randy Johnson
    Bob Gibson
    Mark Prior
    Paul Skenes
    Kerry Wood
    Nolan Ryan
    Justin Verlander
    Max Scherzer
    Martin Dihago
    John Donaldson

    Eric Gagne
    Rich Gossage
    Kenley Jansen

    Joe Mauer
    Adley Rutschman

    Big Papi
    Buck O'Neil

    Chase Utley
    Craig Biggio
    Dee Strange-Gordon

    Chipper Jones
    Jose Ramirez

    Elly De La Cruz
    Jimmy Rollins
    Jackie Robinson

    Corbin Carroll
    Yordan Alvarez
    Rickey Henderson
    Juan Soto

    Mickey Mantle
    Ken Griffey Jr
    Joc Pederson
    Jazz Chisholm Jr
    Mike Trout
    Julio Rodriguez

    Ronald Acuna Jr
    Roberto Clemente
    Mookie Betts
    Babe Ruth
    Hank Aaron

    I have a bunch of relievers at P4 that I keep plugging away with.

    Forgot Corey Seager

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    SDS for the Love of God can you give us some players that we don’t already have? This is getting so old already! I can honestly say I’m starting to get bored for the first time since I’ve had the game and I am SO SICK OF LOOKING AT 5 & 6 different cards of the same players! You guys may not realize this but you’re ruining your own game!!!! Give us new players!!! If you don’t have the right to new players send pay these players or these players family’s what they want to put them on this game!!! You’ve already made 10’s of millions on this game! Now give something back to the community that keeps you guys going! We don’t need 7 different cards of Willie Mays and please don’t tell me your giving us a Bill Mazeroski card sheesh!!

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    The "point" of Dynamic Difficulty is to get the game's difficulty setting to match the skill of the person wielding the controller, not to align the character to some "MLB average".

    As you said / alluded to, your BABIP, a reflection of your ability to push the right button at the right time, and not do so at the wrong time, is such that the game believes it can make it harder for you to do so via an increase to legend difficulty.

    The fact that your character keeps hitting soft fly balls is a reflection of his in game stats. Best way I have of illustrating this is via this story:

    I play exclusively on beginner difficulty. On the game to have fun and a power trip, not to actually stress. When my character has a power rating in the low to mid 90s, I absolutely hate the game, because his rating is now "high enough" to consistently hit bombs out to the warning track, but not high enough to clear the fence. As he gets to around 97 power, the HR count starts going up and I hear a lot less of Singleton's "last AB he almost hit a home run" and Giambi mentioning the warning track...

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    It was Spencer Strider. I was like yes throw him out so I can have a chance but nope.

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    EML MLB is recruiting for season 10 winter ball! Join the server and dm me if you want in.

    It is a money league. 9 seasons on mlb the show and like 20 seasons completed on mlb 2k

    Draft league (formats unique)

    Very active.


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    @theBlindRhino said in Insane Prices for Players in the Market:

    @NOWlTZKI said in Insane Prices for Players in the Market:

    anyone who ever buys stubs on the website is a total moron. But all these players I listed there is noway any of them are worth those ridiculous price amounts. Have a nice day!

    @NOWlTZKI said in Insane Prices for Players in the Market:

    Bro I know exactly what your saying about the Ozzie Ablies Core card I went out and I bought 500k in stubs

    I am just putting the pieces together here.

    Yeah I had a little private chuckle about that myself.

    Hey, they say self criticism is the best way to grow lol

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    @BxnnyMxn_ said in Third Strike, for suspicious behavior?:

    Heck you’ve taught me something at least. I had no clue you could sim MTO at all. Every time I’ve played the mode it gave you the option to save your in game progress and return to it later I thought. I’m sorry man that stinks.

    No, you can’t sim MTO, but I mean that the CPU will sim in between playable game “moments” (and sim the draft as well).

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    @Sarge1387 said in For 24...please:


    I also mean like it should conform to the wall shape without having any awkward unusable no go zones, no matter where it is.

    I'd also love to see facade options too for the outside...but that's really a tertiary want.

    I’m not on there right now but they have an option to snap onto things but I haven’t figured it out or don’t know how it works. Like I can’t manipulate unique outfield wall heights either.

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    hi it’s me on my main account, sorry i should’ve edited that and provided structure…

    i doubt anyone will actually read and relate anyways. but i do believe it has to do with the multiple console accounts linked to the mlb the show account. as of right now its only variable that makes sense why gameplay is so OFF

    Sometimes on Ps5 post game it shows the nintendo account other times it’s my main console linked to the show account Phloobie on Xbox. multiple players, multiple consoles in the co op game with my username registering differently to every player there i presume.

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    When I tried to login to the companion app, and put in my information, I got a message saying that cannot connect to the server (18.52532217.1700616791.35cfb1b

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    A user inventory API would be very helpful. A field for where the card originated (which program, pack, etc.), if they are going to reissue the Incognito cards, include the players name in the API.

    These are all things Showzone has worked into their database, but it would be nice to have it come from an API.

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    @MethosCantDie11 said in Can’t find player:

    Thanks guys gonna try that!

    You can even scan yourself into the game now. Just go to the Face Scan and follow the instructions.

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    Searching the forum for posts by SDS on this issue may help. If I remember correctly (I’m old, so that doesn’t always happen), the problem is usually associated with the email address used for the account.

    Also, you should submit a ticket to let them know you aren’t getting the packs.

    To be honest, you haven’t missed much. I know they tweeted about a guaranteed DD diamond this time but don’t hold your breath that it’s a good one.