I've lost everything?


Everything is gone?

I have 0 stubs, 0 cards in my inventory and cant even connect to the server on my account.


Im able to sign into the servers on other accounts on my playstation 5, just not mine.

I have put in a support ticket but they have been zero help.


Hi @SDS,

I've been troubleshooting this for Juicy for the last two hours for him. Wanted to add my piece. I was a tech support agent for a number of years and am also a developer so I can feel like I can provide more info.

When the servers when down momentarily two hours ago, Juicy was attempting to log into the site for the first time. He did not link his accounts, or anything else, simply log in. This was indeed when the servers were down for all of us.

Since then I've been allowed back in along with our collective friends and his account has been changed to "Account Offline" - he has attempted logging into both the site and the game successfully from his alt account, j_bats19.

We troubleshooted everything before reaching out - I have had him check his DNS and router ports for issues, as well as resetting the system and more.

It's very clear that during his login to the site, the server crashed mid-login, and his account is stuck with a half-session's worth of data, and now he cannot access it because something is either missing from his account, or it was set in the "offline" status during the handshake but never turned back online, so it's basically like the server banned his account in that way.

This is not the server's issue at this point, this is an account issue and needs to be looked into immediately. This will affect other users as well if the site crashes and they're logging in somewhere at this same time.

I can help provide any other details if needed.



I have a friend on XBOX and his profile also has "Account Offline". Has been that was since early access. If somebody has any answers or can help, please let us know. @Collin_SDS_PSN


You've been banned


as far as my response, Its not my account. Its a coworker of mine that has never played the game since he has an XBOX. He purchased for early release and hasn't been able to play online since day one. We are looking for helpful information @x814xMafia_PSN