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    @boomstick03bb_psn said in Scouting report:

    Has anybody received there packs for scouting report?

    for which month? We haven't sent the pack for November yet.

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  • RE: Finally got a Trout pack today

    Congrats on getting a Trout. Sadly this thread went way off topic.

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    @mothers-milk237_xbl said in Scouting Report:

    I have been subscribed and linked since the beginning of September maybe end of August and have only received items once. What's up with that.

    You likely didn't sign up in time for the August pack, and so far we have only sent the September Pack, with October Pack being sent next week.

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  • RE: Twitch Drops Follow Up - We need your help

    @beatlesnews_psn said in Twitch Drops Follow Up - We need your help:

    If you had an account already from before do you need another?

    Last year, you would just link your PSN to your Twitch.
    This year you must create an MLB The Show Account, then link your PSN or Xbox or both, then link your Twitch account.

    And also why all the problems? Is it Twitch and will it be fixed next year?

    There are a number of reasons for the complications. New Twitch 2.0 system. Having a new "linked" account system, that let's you use the same account across PS and Xbox. The recent Twitch breach didn't help as anyone who reset their password needed to relink their account. We are working to streamline it as best as possible.

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    Scouting Report Packs are delivered once a month. The next pack comes out next week.

    @ericulous1_psn said in Scouting Report:

    You'll get something in a week or 2. It's not great, but seems like it's gotten better over the last two months. It'll just show up with your packs.

    The first three months we had exclusive items (bat skin, nameplate, etc) the last two months we have added some higher level items.

    Should we go crazy the next couple months?

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    @mr4hunit_psn said in Twitch Drop Q's:

    "There is no limit. We are limiting packs as this years packs are much more valuable" -- Homie, what? Is there a limit or is there no limit?

    We decided whatever we want to do per each drops campaign. When I said no limit, there is no limit in terms of technological limits. For the first campaign, the limit was ten packs. For this campaign going on this weekend, it is five. We set what pack, how long it takes to earn one and how many packs can be earned.

    As for value, this is a bonus for doing something many fans are already, watching content on Twitch. This also helps fans explore the directory and perhaps watch a streamer they previously never watched before.

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    @xxfireflyxx69_mlbts said in Lost all progress:

    So things like old bosses collected and other cards collected in your inventory don't transfer across?

    Depends what you picked as your "Primary Account".

    If you had a bunch of cards, stubs and xp on one account, but when linking account pick the account that doesn't have that same progress, then you won't be able to access it.

    All cards, XP or Stubs progress is associated to an account (PSN or Xbox). Linking your account just tells the game and online system that a specific account and information will now be the primary as a base and shared with the other linked account, so all accounts will see that as the 'base' account and all future progress will be applied to that base.

    If you had two accounts with progress that were not linked, and then decided to link them, you have to select which account will become the new base. This is a very important part of the linking process when it asks you to pick an account and it will display the level and stubs amount to help you pick the account you want to continue to using across both platforms.

    One thing to note, nothing is deleted. If you link and feel you have lost something, you can unlink which should tell the game to look at that original account. If you continue to see something missing, submit a ticket.

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    @xxfireflyxx69_mlbts said in Lost all progress:

    Secondary question; I linked my accounts but none of my earlier progress from my Xbox account has moved over to my PS5 account. What have I missed @Collin_SDS_PSN ?

    You have to pick which account will become the "primary account". It will not merge data.

    So if you played on PlayStation and were level 20 with 250,000 Stubs and if you played on Xbox and got to level 5 with 75,000 Stubs, and then decide to link your accounts, you must pick the one you feel is the most valuable and that will become the "Primary Account".

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