• RE: Final Showdown is broken

    Would you be able to share exactly which Showdown you are referring to so that I can have someone investigate?

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  • RE: Missing Card Art

    Thanks for the heads up, these cards should be fixed now.

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  • RE: Around the Horn conquest bug

    The conquest has been updated and this issue has been resolved. Thank you!

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  • RE: Faceless cards

    Please update your game to the latest patch

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  • RE: Nintendo Switch Bug

    Please check for Game Update 18 to get the latest update.

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  • Version 2.1.8+95


    Version 2.1.8+95 has been released for both iOS and Android. This version should include a bunch of bug fixes and improvements.

    As soon as the update is available for you, please update immediately.


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  • RE: Fall Stars Collection Question

    I've confirmed with the team that Milestone Aaron Judge will not be available to collect for XP in the next Featured Program!

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  • RE: Jim Thome Monthly Awards Card Art

    We just checked in-game and in the App and the card seems to be appearing fine on our end. Maybe try closing the app and opening it again?

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  • RE: App down for anyone else?

    Hi, is anyone still having trouble accessing the app/website?

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