@x-Alec_J-x said in Angels commit to wear masks and take precautions.:

Unless you are 65+ or have prior health issues, its no more fatal than the average flu. The sooner young healthy people....like pro athletes....get out and start living, the sooner we have complete herd immunity.

They are far more likely to get killed on the car on the way to the stadium than die from Covid-19. That doesnt stop them from playing.

Virtually everything you have heard about this virus is overblown or pure media driven panic porn lies.

They include positive anti body but asymptomatic patients -- meaning a person who is not sick -- in the positive test statistics.

The fans are even going to games again in Japan and Taiwan, without masks in many places.

If you are a young healthy person, you need to go out and live. There will never be a vaccine, and the more we delay natural herd immunity, the bigger than chance of a mutation or dangerous result from weakening our immune systems.

Dont sneeze in anyone's face, Wash your hands, be a responsible adult, and we will all be just fine.

Cancelling life will only make the suffering worse in the long term.

Another loser Trump Orangutan lemming. The man is a Psychopath and not fit for office. He is killing people with his lack of virus policies. Every word out of his mouth is a lie and the spin is only for re-election. The man is a disgrace and he will be kicked out of office in Nov.