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Took a hiatus from Ranked Seasons because of how bad All-Star is online.

Grind 99'd all weekend to get Mo, the best TA pitchers, and bought Dibble / O'Day thinking these "top end" pitchers would make All-Star a more NORMAL experience. (I'm way past hoping for a good experience, I'll settle for a somewhat normal one).

10-9 finish 31 hits in the game, 11 homeruns. (I win on a Huff Walkoff)

Mo Rivera - 8.0 ERA

O'Day - 13.0 ERA

Dibble 3.0 ERA

Gagne - 2 homeruns on first two pitches (if you guessed this came in the 9th inning up 2, YOU'RE RIGHT) 54.00 ERA

Gossage 27.00 ERA

I tagged his Cliff Lee for 6 runs in 5.1 innings.

And some of the homeruns were jokes on both ends. I hit a HR with my Ballplayer 107 power using contact swing on a down and away sinker (excellent PCI placement, but still!)

It's the SAME GAME as last year - content is an A+, but the online modes to use said content is as bad as ever!

Then I hop into HOF and its a guessing game on where to swing, every game is 1-0 in extras in the event.

FIND A BALANCE!!! Hire Goldilocks to tune your gameplay, she can get it just right.

maybe try some different pitchers. or mix your pitches differently.

Yep definitely not having these issues. Maybe learn how to mix up your pitches. I hit just fine and I pitch just fine. And the event has not been an issue either other than the cheap quit outs.


Bump hump stump lumps


Bumper Cars


O’Day is not top end. He tips his pitches if you know what to look for. Not saying how but he does.


Play at MLB parks if you want out of All Star purgatory and just grind on improving pinpoint. Turn your sliders all the way up, practice on legend, then go into your games early and perfect on everything. You’ll get better my man