Conquest Tips


Any tips for Conquest?

Do you take all the strongholds first; then the regular hexagons?

Do you play the Steal Fans phase; even if it's not a mission requirement?

When playing Stronghold and Steal Fans phase; do you try to play on the easiest difficulty available? Or do youvlije playing on the higher difficulties?

Do you play hexagon games or just dim them?

Any particular route to follow?


Work by starting west towards Seattle and work your way down the west coast. You can take Colorado if you want. Sim non-stronghold games. I only play steal fan missions until I get the challenge done once you get to a certain point you shouldn’t have to bc you will be getting so many reinforcements. I always play the games on all-star but that just me bc I hate going any lower bc it messes with swing timing.


Everybody plays a little different but the key concepts are the same. Take as much free territory as you can while keeping your stronghold surrounded and protected from other teams.

Stack all your reinforcements on a single hex and march through enemy hexes with them.

Some people save all the strongholds for the end. I just do them as I come to them assuming I have enough fans to play on my preferred difficulty.

Steal only enough fans to satisfy any steal fans mission and play those games on difficulties you feel that you can beat.

Sim every game that is not a stronghold or steal fans game (and those can't be simulated)

This can all be done by only ever having 1 fan per hex. You will occasionally lose hexes to other teams but you should gain more than you lose every turn. Just keep and eye on your strongholds and if you see a team approaching it with more than say 2 fans then reinforce there next turn and retake the hexes.


I do the first go around by simulating most of the games, I go down the middle, Go take out COL, KC, TX. HOU Then split have go back up toward Stl and Chc, other half go toward AZ and LAD I work both sides. I take out MIN to. I leave the Opponents Occupied spots alone I do not take them right away it protect me from the CPU getting to the Strong holds I have taken over. I play on AS or HOF, Seems the CPU hits better at the lower levels. Make sure you have good pitching. Be patient if you play on AS or above.