I was messing around today and threw together a list of potential Legends/Throwback cards. Tried to exclude players already in the game. I’m sure I missed a few deserving players and Some SDS wouldn’t even have a chance of signing (Barry Bombs). Also included Some outlier seasons and dual eligible guys that I think would make for fun cards later on. Post some of the ones you guys would want to see below. Sorry if I left out your home team a bit.

Baltimore Orioles
Miguel Tejada (2004)

Boston Red Sox
Pedro Martinez (1999,2000)
Nomar Garciaparra (1998,1999)
Manny Ramirez (2001,2002)

New York Yankees
Roger Maris (1961)
Alfonso Soriano (2002)

Tampa Bay Rays
Carl Crawford (2006)
Carlos Pena (2007)

Toronto Blue Jays
Carlos Delgado (2000)
Tom Henke (1987)

Chicago White Sox
Scott Podsednik (2007)
Carlos Lee (2004)
Magglio Ordonez (2001)

Cleveland Indians
Gaylord Perry (1972)
Albert Belle (1993,1995)

Detroit Tigers
Hank Greenberg (1938)

Kansas City Royals
Bo Jackson (1989)
Carlos Beltran (02-04)

Minnesota Twins
Joe Nathan (04-09)
Johan Santana (04-06)
Joe Mauer (2009)

Houston Astros
Lance Berkman (2001)
Brad Lidge (2005)

Los Angeles Angels
Troy Glaus (2000)
Garrett Anderson (2003)
Francisco Rodriguez (2008)

Oakland Athletics
Barry Zito (2002)
Jose Canseco (1988)
Catfish Hunter (1974)

Seattle Mariners
Alex Rodriquez (96-98)
Ichiro (01-04)

Texas Rangers
Josh Hamilton (2010)
Rafael Palmero (1991)

Atlanta Braves
Kid Nichols (1898)
Mark Wohlers (1996)
Javy Lopez (1998) **

Miami Marlins
Dontrelle Willis (2005)
Dan Uggla (2006)
Mike Lowell (2003)

New York Mets
Darryl Strawberry (1987)
Jerry Koosman (1968)

Philadelphia Phillies
Scott Rolen (2001) /
Roy Halladay (2010)

Washington Nationals
Jose Vidro (2000)
Andres Galarraga (1988)

Chicago Cubs
Sammy Sosa (1998)
Billy Williams (1972)
Derek Lee (2005)
Carlos Zambrano (2006 : 6 HR)

Cincinnati Reds
Bucky Walters (1939)
Dave Concepcion (1974)

Milwaukee Brewers
Sixto Lezcano (1979)
Prince Fielder (2009)

Pittsburgh Pirates
Brian Giles (2000)
Paul Waner (1927)

St. Louis Cardinals
Mark McGwire (1998)
Rick Ankeil (2000)

Arizona Diamondbacks
Randy Johnson (2001)
JJ Putz (2007)

Colorado Rockies
Larry Walker (1997)
Mike Hampton (1999)

Los Angeles Dodgers
Don Drysdale (1962)
Tommy Davis (1962)
Hideo Nomo (1995)

San Diego Padres
Trevor Hoffman (1998)
Ken Caminiti (1996)

San Francisco Giants
Barry Bonds! (2001) Who doesn’t Want Barry?
Rich Aurilia (2001)
Jeff Kent (2000)