The Best Roster for Hardcore Sim Franchise Players Is Live! (See Details)


60+ hours of work later and I am finally done!

When I first started this, I was thinking it would be a quick project for my franchises, but as I started working on it, I thought it would be best to put a good amount of work into it and share it with everybody. I honestly think this is the best roster available for hardcore sim franchise players.

Here are the roster features that make it unique:

-Every team's top 10 prospects (MLB Pipeline)

-Most of every team's top 15 prospects are included and a good majority of each team's top 30

-I created a "tier" system for player ratings based on their current level (MLB/AAA/etc.) and their actual performances

-For MLB players, I used fangraphs WAR as an indicator for what their current overall should be, supplemented by some other analytics like wRC+/FIP/etc to be as accurate as possible

-For MiLB players, every level has a ratings spread that players fall into. Based on their performance at a certain level, that's how I determined their overall. I also included ETA into my calculations to generate roughly accurate timelines to being MLB ready in the game

-Potentials for both MLB players and MiLB players were generated based off of perceived "future roles" for younger players who are not in their primes yet and "past roles" for older players who are declining, but still good players

-The tier system for current overalls creates more balance across the rosters. When you start your franchise, "elite" and "very good" players should feel more like that, while "average" players should all clump together performance-wise.

-The balance in the potentials does a multitude of things. For one, it extends the life of franchises because it should prevent a massive gathering of players in the mid to upper 80s where suddenly anybody who isn't a "B" potential is useless. Two, it should create a logjam of players in the low to mid 70s. These players are maybe just good enough to be on MLB rosters, but there isn't necessarily anything that separates them from most everyone else. Just like the real majors, there's a lot of fringe guys on rosters and a lot of turnover. Additionally, every now and then, one of those fringe guys breaks out and becomes a long term piece. The Show's dynamic potential system should help make that be a more realistic thing. Meanwhile, players in the upper 70s are considered "average MLB starters" so they should make long careers out of those roles.

-Edited RPs and CPs so that current and future CP level pitchers are actually in those roles. No more random guys labeled as CP, only guys who could actually fill those roles

-Fangraphs has a "new pitch tracker" every year. I took a look at the 2020 list and adjusted certain pitchers accordingly.

I also want to give credit for the base roster to mkharsh33.

I implore everyone to at least take a look at it. I think it will be very well worth your time. I also will happily take any feedback you want to send my way. I'm curious to see if there are deficiencies and areas I can improve on. Also be sure to leave a like when you download so others can see it!

Search "Best/Elite Roster for Franchise" or my username: ViatorLion10 to find the roster

Hope you all enjoy. Can't wait for this quarantine to be over and to get to the real baseball.



I've gotten 5 years deep in an Orioles rebuild franchise, and these rosters are holding up really nicely! I've had some high potential players struggle to grow OVR-wise (like Ryan Mountcastle) and some mid tier potential guys light is up (like Anthony Santander).

For the most part, the CPU rosters are maintaining a pretty good OVR balance as well. These rosters should perform nicely for any franchises you want to play.


Nice! These rosters are really well put together!


@Dronery687 said in The Best Roster for Hardcore Sim Franchise Players Is Live! (See Details):

Nice! These rosters are really well put together!

Thanks! Glad you and others are enjoying them