3 Options with Common, Bronze, Silver Repeats, which is yours?


The 3 things you can do with repeats is ...

A) You Quick Sell them for the set flat rate or sell then to highest Sell Now bidder or place the lowest Buy Now bid to get most you can for that card.

B) You use them fro Upgrade Exchanges ... Common to Bronze .... Bronze to Silver ... Silver to Gold

C) You use them for Program Exchanges to gain the XP rewarded for that Exchange.

I myself mostly always do "C". Only time when I list them in Buy Now is when that particular Common, Bronze or Silver is way over priced & it would be foolish to waste that card in any Exchanges & lose out on those stubs. Or I will just hold on to it if it's a Silver I feel may go Gold within the next 1 to 3 Roster Updates.

Which is your preferred thing to do with repeats?


Rather have the stubs to buy the last 3 LS cards i need for Randy Johnson. I can just play the game for xp. Using dupes for exchanges is throwing away stubs.


I like to buy diamonds and quicksell them for YouTube views.