Read on hear that the consensus is to play on All-Star. But according to the guys on the stream; they said that Dynamic Difficulty could get you the best rewards.

All I care about in getting enough points to get close to the team's FOTF card.

If All-Star gets me there faster, then that's what I'll do. If it's Dynamic Difficulty, then that's what I'll play.

Thoughts from players who have done one or the other? Or even both difficulties?


I did the Blue Jays on Dynamic and won the WS. It got hard near the end because hitting difficulty was Legend, while pitching was HOF so avg for points was HOF. If you are fine with legend hitting it's worth it for a few extra points.

I then did the Astros in All Star and won the WS as well. I didn't notice much of a difference in total TA points, and hitting on AS was easier. So unless you really want maybe 6 extra points, just do All Star.

Dynamic gives you less points up to the playoffs because your avg difficulty takes until then to get above AS.


They just upped the points with the last patch. Now, if you have a really good run on veteran and win the World Series you will get 52 affinity. If you win the World Series in all star now, you will almost 100 percent get 50. That was not true a week ago.

Based on what I’ve read here I wouldn’t do dynamic. Seems like it has more issues than pros.


These stupid reward ruin this mode.