In minority it seems, but I’m enjoying the game


I think that actual game play is going rather well. No freeze offs, no fielders not locking onto the ball (running past it), no 20+ pitch at bats, no runners who steal and keep going, no freezes on bloopers up the middle.

So many issues we have consistently had in the past, especially early on, have been avoided. Hitting feels great, contact hitters are actually getting hits. It feels nice.

Gameplay feels good. There is room for improvement for sure, but I’m truly enjoying it.

I even like that you can’t get each TA player yet. Allows me to enjoy the grind a bit longer.


I don’t think you’re in the minority. I only see the same 4-5 people screeching like children because everything isn’t being handed to them like candy. They complain that everything is copy pasted every year and then complain again when SDS tries changing things to appease them.


@saintleo14_psn said in In minority it seems, but I’m enjoying the game:

It feels nice.

That's what she said.

But really, it does feel very nice so far. They'll get the server issues worked out.


I've been having fun with the game. Ran into a couple problems trying to play some DD co-op with a friend ( couple freeze offs and just not being able to get into a game) .

Also one of the game we got in we faced 79 ovr John Means, who was throwing a 100 mph fastball and a 97 mph sweeping curve and the ball was basically disappearing and reappearing as he was throwing.

Other than that I've had a good time playing this game.


Yep Smooth gameplay


You're definitely not in the minority. Those that are unhappy are just more vocal.