RTTS is key to Success for New Players!!!


I know the card art in DD is what tempts alot of players to dive right in to DD. 12 years of playing this game and RTTS is where i start every year and i will explain why.

RTTS has been the staple of this game for many years for alot of reasons, but if you are New to MLBTS start with RTTS for the first 3 months at least. Create a player where you struggle most in game. Or position that intimidates you since probabally haven't played much being new.

Settings should be set to competitive and Dynamic difficulty if you are interested in DD. (very important) Competitive setting will get you in the mindset that every pitch and how you approach each play is crucial. Dynamic difficulty will give you the oppurtunity to learn from your mistakes or reward you for your growth without being at the expense of a losing record plastered on the leaderboards.

RTTS acts almost like a tutorial in a sense. Your coach will tell you if you are chasing the ball, or need to take more pitches. In the meantime you are experiencing the mechanics newly introduced in the game. And earning xp which in turn will land you rewards that can be used in DD when ready to take that leap.

When i say play RTTS for 3 months i'm not saying exclusively. There are other things that will get you ready for Competitive. Moments are a good way to get rewards that can be used in DD. They always have Player Programs for you to work on. You can play Conquest to get packs, players, equipment, jerseys and so on that will also be used in DD.

March to October or MTO as commonly referred to is another mode that can help with progression to building a DD team. MTO will help you focus on Team Affinity rewards also known as TA. While kind of like playing conquest, MTO will give you rewards based on the division you are playing in, whereas Conquest you will be earning TA rewards based off who is on your lineup and the respective team they play for in RL.

My point is don't be in a hurry to play h2h if you are new b/c it will frustrate you just b/c it's h2h online play. By approaching DD this way it will allow you to learn when to swing, when to dive, when to steal, when to pitch out or what have you. That alone will give you a hand up over the folks who struggle with these things all year and never grasp it. Which in turn causes frustration and quit the game.

Also you will not be behind with cards b/c this whole time you were playing these modes you were eaning XP towards a monthly Boss. So just think about it b4 jumping into ranked b/c i assure you the cards you earn will still be relevant as long as you are patient @ the plate, choose pitch/placement appropriately, and build your lineup based on players strengths.

Hope this helps someone and good luck and most of all have fun!!!! 🙂


I appreciate your insight! I am a long time player myself - and have exclusively played RTTS or Franchise. I always stayed away from DD - because I simply thought it was a cash grab. ( like EA) I was always skeptical of those who claimed “No money Spent” - After really learning more on the mode on YouTube I decided to give DD a chance this season. Your insight is sound and logical - Thanks again!


You are very welcome!!! 🙂


3 Months????? But I want 💎s!!!!

Just Kidding. Well said. Last year was my first and while I jumped right into DD, I ended up going back and doing RTTS and really got a hang of what the game was all about.


It’s great way to get a lot of at bats in for sure. I can usually make WS now but I was once a “easiest difficulty maxed out sliders timing only hitter” on RTTS for a year or so. I got the game years later and then I played online franchise and would go about 5-20. People would act like clowns if they lost to me but it was a lot more fun playing real players. Then I met a few guys that were insane. They told me to try a monitor and it helped immensely.

But I think the important thing is that I didn’t just buy the game and monitor and assume I would be good. If you’ve put in the time for an extended period of time, a monitor can be the difference, but you still have to put in the hours before it ever makes a difference.

Proper Specs or Practice will help you alot, but realistically are exponentially better together.