Confused about Daily Hudson Moment


I did this in two tries. The first time, with 2 outs I gave up a HR and a hit and the moment didn't end in a fail (the next batter came up to the plate), so I restarted it. On the second try, with 2 outs, I gave up a hit but decided, this time, to play it through to see what happened.

After the third out, I got a success screen with a red X in the Do Not Give Up 1 Hit box.

When I look at the moment screen now, there is a green check in the Do Not Give Up 1 Hit box, and my progress is Completed. Yes, I got the point and the pack.

I'm very confused about this.


I completed this the first try, although I gave up a walk. Same as you, except for walk instead of hit.


Shhhh. Don’t bring it to their attention or they will have to run to the office to fix it. It’s the only time they will fix something with lightning speed.