Pitcher in RTTS [Bug Report included]


I have two issues with this: one is a bug for sure, one is a design flaw.

First, the bug: I'm pitching a gem. In the 9th inning, I'm given a Dynamic Challenge. The very next pitch is not handled by the catcher at all. The ball rolls somewhere, and nothing happens. I can pause the game (where only Manager, Stats and Settings options are available), but nothing else can be done. Can't finish the game, and the only way to continue is to kill the app and reload, which means I have to start the game from the beginning.
This has happened to me at least 3 times. This last one, just now, I pitched a high heater and smacked the catcher in the mask.

The design flaw: my created player is maxed out. When the weekly training session happens, I must change a pitch from the repertoire. There's no way to say "No thanks", is there? I want to keep the 5 pitches I have, don't want to replace one of them. But, unless I have a session of base stealing or something to upgrade from almost 50 back to 50, then the only option is the pitch switch.


The bug happened again, this time in the 8th inning.
I've made this video to show the bug.


Just my two stubs worth...

Worst implementation of RTTS since this product has launched.

Good luck.