SDS player rankings are a joke


Live series updates and bo bichette is a diamond while Austin Riley with better stats across the board is a 78. Just fire whoever is in charge of player evaluation it’s seriously embarrassing


They seriously just need to lock the building, burn it down and start again because every employee is a mentally challenged baboon.


Well, I am not saying that Austin does not deserve to be higher or that Bo should not be lower but a quick look at Austin's attributes and a few things jump out at me.

  1. Cards are based on a 3 year average. Austin's previous 2 years were not good at all. Bichette has been much more consistent.
  2. His fielding and arm accuracy is really rated low. This is probably hurting him more than anything.
  3. His power vs lefties is pretty low. Looking at his stats only 2 of his 29 HRs have come against lefties.

I understand that it is frustrating when you think players on your favorite team get shafted. But too often I see people who just look at overall stats, never take into account the 3 year average, never look at the leftie/righty splits, and never take defense into account. They also compare players at different positions not knowing that attributes are weighted differently in the overall depending on their primary position.

All that said, I do still believe that SDS plays favorites in some cases. Fernando Tatis would be an example. They have said that they use statcast for the speed attribute so someone needs to explain how Tatis, who is 24th on the statcast speed list has a higher speed rating than Jo Adell, who is 10th.

Here are the speed attributes for #'s 22-26 on Statcast's list

22 - Andrew Stevenson - 87 speed in game
23 - Edward Olivares - 81 speed
24 - Tatis Jr - 94 speed
25 - Myles Straw - 88 Speed
26 - Jaren Duran - 87 Speed

Tatis is obviously boosted to help his overall. I think they definitely use attributes like Speed, Defense, Arm Ratings, Vision, Discipline and Clutch to tweak player overalls knowing that gamers just look at things like batting average and HR's and RBIs.