Right and Left Power?


If a player has power, they have power. A player’s power is not determined by the handedness of the pitcher.

I think they need to make vision and/or discipline based on the handedness of the pitcher. If a player can’t hit homeruns off of lefties, it isn’t because he suddenly lacks the strength to hit the ball out of the park. It’s because he can’t pick up the ball out of a lefty’s hand.

Of course with switch hitters there still should be a left/right power attribute.



I've always wanted to see attributes placed with things like bat speed, contact rate, arm strength (in mph) accuracy%, 90' times, vertical jump, and previous years stats based in each category, things of that nature. Would be pretty cool.


yeah I agree. I’ve never understood that stat.


This assumes that RL non switch hitters do not adjust their swings based off the handedness of the pitcher, which many do.

Outside of that, the power attribute is based off their RL stats (although many are juiced up), so they take the hitters power numbers from reality.


Batters' swing paths will affect their power vs. certain pitchers: optimal swing paths for pitch trajectories are important.

Think about sliders to same or opposite handed batters and the results of making solid contact in real life.


great point and never thought of that before


I always find that if you have power vs one side, you get more power no matter the lefty power. Like Pedro alvarez and Chris Davis bat better then what the lefty stats say. If that makes since


Maybe I'm just missing the question.

I'm going to use strat-o-matic again for references.

Batters have either N or W (normal/weak) power vs RH and LH pitching. Those N and W are used in super advanced rules regarding ballpark effects. The end result is more realistic power numbers vs respective handedness of the pitchers.

If a player hits 20 HR in a season, 10 vs LH and 10 vs RH, his RH power rating might be W because you face RHP around 70 pct of the time. That batter in MLB The Show should have MUCH higher power vs LH than RH regardless of the handedness of the batter.

MLB has power vs L and R. It also has Contact vs L and R. Vision is universal. I think MLB the show is doing it correctly to reflect the batter's ability more often than not.

MLB the show has to consider SLG in their power, not just HR. That's why a guy like 94 Mattingly is rated properly. He had excellent doubles numbers against LH that year, and the reverse power splits reflect that.