Sorry...meant to post in Diamond Dynasty, but the system won't let me delete it. two questions.

#1) This is my first year playing and I am not that good. Lately I have just been playing events and really enjoying it. It has really seemed to help me improve and I have just focused here before going back to ranked. With Moonshot the first day I played it seemed that I was facing a good mix of opponents...some even, some better and some worse. Then yesterday it seemed like a lot of them on the lower end. Now today everyone I am playing seems to be really good...they have BR Flawless and World Series banners. Also when I look at my "online rating" it says 0. I don't feel like it has ever shown 0 before. Any idea why that is or how to look and see how my rating is compared to the people I am playing?

#2) During this event my slow baserunners seem to be very aggressive and it could just be bad luck, but Schwarber and Ortiz have just blown through bases multiple times when none of my other baserunners are doing this. Anyone else noticed anything like this?