Why is the pitching in this game garbage?


Ever since the game came out the pitching has just been all over the place. If you miss your spot by a little bit the ball just goes flying and doesn't come close to where you wanted it. Even if you get a good pitch release it still doesn't end up anywhere near the spot you wanted.


It’s doing 2 things.

1 - Pitches are being served up to directional hitters so they can get hits, hence why we have so many pitches going down the middle on perfect release when you were aiming somewhere else.

2 - It’s forcing more walks so bad players don’t even have to swing to try to get on base.

Basically, the game is influencing outcomes of games. Pretty much scripted if you want to call it that, I would.


when it started it, this year, if you pitched outside and they swung they missed. Now were back to 10 foul balls followed by a hr on a pitch 10 ft outside the zone. 19 all over again.