Directional Hitting in moments


Sometimes when I get in a rut with a hitting moment and can’t succeed after five tries or so, I switch to the old directional point up method.

Invariably, this will lead to success on the first try fairly often.

Now I guess this is fine because I can move on to the next moment, but it does kinda make me wonder. It’s not like I am taking bad swings for the first five (or however many) tries.

What does this say about the game?


It says it’s a big steaming pile of RNG.


I do the same. Although, some times it works the opposite. No matter what I do directional I can't hit but as soon as I switch to zone it is easy.


I have noticed this a lot. Foul off 6 pitches with early and late timing with zone? Switch to directional and homer first pitch.

Directional pop ups and ground outs? Change to zone and boom rip a double into the gap.

Did the game daily moment yesterday and had so many good/goods on directional that were outs or fouls and then drove in the run in extras with a missed/poor pci and bad timing. Actually briefly felt bad for the AI. Until today of course when Sale strikes out everyone and they pinch hit Torres and I have him 0-2 and throw one in on his hands he somehow pulls for a no-doubter. Worst part was when matty v was talking about the pinch hitter I thought oh, bet he homers to tie it.

The RNG is just so heavy with this game you really aren't doing anything to help it in your favor. You can square up balls all day long that offer no result and then completely mess up at the plate and get a hit.