Fred McGriff’s grand slam


I’m exploring the game more, and I find myself at Fred McGriff’s grand slam moment.

What on earth are these god awful graphics? Also, I’ve had perfect contact multiple times and apparently this grand slam is borderline impossible.

This game remains a joke. San Diego Studios should be embarrassed by how this product is significantly worse than just three years ago.


I dont remember much about the graphics on that moment but they try to make things look more like the past. Worse resolution on TV kind of thing but as for border line impossible, no its not.

I'm not a great hitter at all and I was smashing homers with mcgriff in his moments and got past that one pretty quick. Stick with it, moments are garbage and something I seriously think that SDS should look at changing up but it can be done.


I find going with what the player card says, R1, while at bat. Balanced, Nirmal swing. Contact, contact. Power. Power. Helped last night with that old time Homer for foxx