I'm confused: I've got the Willys!


You need 3 Hits and to tally 1 XB hit to complete this mission.

But when you get your first AB, it's already the 2nd Inning. Plus they're only giving you 3 total ABs to complete this, so if you don't get a hit right off the bat, you're screwed.

Also, why is it telling me, at the end of the game, that Willy has anywhere from 4-5 ABs, yet only only getting 3 chances to hit?


Seriously; whomever programmed this needs fired!

My resent attempt (which is probably my 20th time attenpting tjis) goes as follows:
1st AB 2nd Inning: Homerun
2nd AB 5th Inning: Homerun
3rd AB 7th Inning: FOUR straight pitches so far out if the zone that you couldn't make contact if you were standing in the other room!

Yet the End of Game Screen said I was 2-4.

Um, where in the blue hell was my 4th AB?