Some pros


For as rough of a launch this has been, I’d like to point out a couple good things about this years title.

The graphics for starters have been phenomenal. I’ve seen like almost zero glitches. Zero baseballs phasing through outfielders gloves on weird liners. Zero baseballs phasing through bats on early/late swings. I haven’t seen any glitches with sliding into bases or with pitchers heads being too big for their hats when they take it off and put it back on. So props SDS.

Stadium creator. We’ve been asking this for ages so thank you for putting it into the game. On a side note, i went through all the tutorials provided and realized in minutes I am not great at designing ballparks so I’ll have to work at it. It’s a process.

Uniforms. I’ve seen some new uniforms I haven’t seen in the past which is always exciting because when I played MVP Baseball 2004, that game totally got me into the collecting uni’s and wearing them when playing friends in baseball games. It’s fun for me when we play couch co-op (yes I still do that).

The stadiums themselves. They look good, no doubt about it.

The devs. As much as we gripe and moan about the issues we’ve had early on, we know y’all are good people that wanna bring an awesome baseball experience to the table. I think you guys are probably just as frustrated as we are, but just so the record shows, we do appreciate you guys and all the work you’ve put into The Show. I’ve been around since the very first entitlement and I can tell you I thought it was the coolest thing ever when baseball games got realistic and today I still get giddy when the newest title release comes around. Thanks for the hard work SDS.


The stadium creator sounds so cool. Hopefully I'll find a way to get my hands on a ps5 in time to try it out, but so far I haven't had any luck with that.