A quality of life thing


I want to be able to see my stats from previous years of the show. When I first started playing this game in maybe 14, we all had signatures on the community forum with batting average, win loss record, etc.

Seven years later, I can’t even see my stats from last year without booting up 20.

I know this is likely a political decision because some of us used each other’s stats as weight in online disputes. I don’t care. Baseball is about numbers. The game keeps track of them already. What gives?

The game has no problem with robbing our home runs and dotting pitches with runners on, or nerfing our input online. Why can’t I see my stats from previous years?


You can there’s a trick to it tho when u check it the screen where it says Leaderboards, Link acct, universal profile and game history for some reason it doesn’t show it when u check universal profile there it’s Blank, But if you go to Leaderboards press Square click on your name then hit view universal profile from there it will show.