Change my mind.


I hage so much left to do with this year's game that I'm not sure I want to pre-order 20.

I've heard 'horror store's about the first few weeks of game play. IE: Cards are priced outrageously, servers are over crowded, pre-order bonuses get mixed up, etc.

I've only played a few online games this version, and only a handful of Moments; as I've been flipping cards.

As stated before, I've accumulated over 80 LS Gold players, and haven't spent more than 500 stubs per player.

While I dont see myself getting SS Mays, nor SS Honus, I can see myself playing out what Moments, Conquest (haven't started one map), and the H2H requirements needed to complete a majority if the Inning Programs (at least 5 thru 11).

That should take me up until July/Aug; when I can get the game alot cheaper and after whatever bugs that are present are 'fixed'.

So, what can anyone say that could change my mind and have me preorder 20?


If you are mainly a offline player it probably doesn’t matter if your happy and content. For online if some of the bigger issues are addressed and it’s just flat out better than 19 will be an absolute ghost town and probably not worth sticking with.


As an offline person myself, Ive found it not necessary to buy The Show every year. Every other year gives me more than enough to get me thru.


you have enough to keep you busy until July or August??
You haven't played online and only done a few moments??
haven't completed any conquest maps (they are loaded with packs,stubs and XP)?
I'd say save your money and don't pre-order MLB '20