Question for Franchise & RTTS Players


If SDS Came out with a disc or digital version of Franchise or RTTS as a seperate entity would you buy it? Now i have no clue how game design works so grizzbear wth me! So when you buy the show now as is it's anywhere between 36-42 mb's right?

So what if you had a version of MLBTS Franchise only or RTTS only would that allow for more content?

Perhaps oppurtunity for DLC's like GM expansion? Or maybe new sleek box seats or old wore out wooden siding box seats as a DLC to maybe match a theme? Or maybe b/c it is one mode all that kind of stuff be included? Not a fan of microtransactions but if it opens up more possibilities perhaps would think about it.

If so would you pay same price you pay now?

Thoughts and concerns?


It would have to be something that is different from what we already get with the purchase of the game now. If they had something like EA's Head Coach or 2K's Front Office Manager then I would be interested.