So one thing I would like to see is a few more catcher pick offs, not a drastic amount but maybe a skill that makes a particular catcher more likely to pick off a runner, I've done it once and that was in MLB TS 19 I picked a guy off second with SS Russell Martin but it was a 2-6-5-4-1 pick off I'd like to see if a balls in the dirt and the catcher blockes it or catches it the runner kinda freezes and the catcher has a chance to pick him off. I'd also like to see a skill for some pitchers that makes it harder to steal on or a skill that makes them more effective at pick offs, good example is Clayton Kershaw he has one of the best Left handed moves I know there are right handers that have phenomenal moves to first so give them a skill to increase the likelihood that they will pick a guy off especially the slower guys. Again using Kershaw as an example in the WC against the Brewers in the 8th he picked a guy off who didn't have a big lead but the guy wasn't the smartest of base runners.
This is just a thought. or maybe just maybe they fix the catcher animations because I never get the throw meter with any chance to throw the guy out even with prestige Posey. But what would you guys think about having a better chance to pick a guy off using the catcher and a skill for pitchers who have phenomenal moves having a better chance to effectively pick off a runner with a normal lead, because as it is now the only way to get a pick off is if the player extendedthe lead off the base. Also on that note if a guy is in the middle of extending his lead if I pick off he should be dead to right 100% of the time you don't see this BS of extending and shortening a lead off the base with out consequence even in Bush league baseball. I play weekend baseball and had a guy try to "bird dog me off first" I'm left handed and timed my move perfectly as his weight shifted in the wrong direction he was dead to rights, he did the same thing with one of our right handed pitchers and got picked off as well. Any thoughts