Yay! Personal Milestone Achieved!


So every year my goal for this game is to obtain every possible card that can be bought. It took me a while, but my last bid has been put in!

I have every purchase-able card and have my 1 milli bid in for the last 5 that I need:
Finest Breggie = bid put in on 2/7
Willie McCovey = bid put in on 2/3
Eddie Mathews = bid put in on 2/1
Roberto Alomar = bid put in on 11/8
Billy Wagner = bid put in on 11/1

Now I feel I’m ready for MLBTS21! Start all over! Cheers!



I hit that goal last year and the idea this year was to expand to EVERY card.

Thanks to Prestige and Extreme, I'm not going to make it. But I'm only Seaver, Ruth, and Hot Dog Bat Skin from owning everything else.