So, I know we’ve all played the bunt and steal guys. You know, the opponent that has the fastest possible player at every position...

The point of this post is to say, if you want to play that style of ball, bunting for hits and stealing second and third, then trying to squeeze a run, it is your choice.

You will probably be successful a fair amount and get some wins. You will not, however, get better at this game.

I am a decent pitcher and a lousy hitter, but I have a solid fundamental approach at the plate. Eventually, solid fundamental play will win over cheese.

My opponent managed to tie and force extra innings and we played TEN innings of an event game before bronze Mike Zunino hit a go ahead pinch home run.

My opponent had two caught stealings at third and two bunt with two strike K’s, and at least three bunt singles. I pretty much just gave him second most times but picked him off twice there and got the last out of the game in a run down where he did the turn around and ran into a fielder.

I’m not here to gloat but to say to newer players, try to play the game right. Swing the bat. Don’t worry about striking out because you need to learn how to recognize pitches. Auto-taking will not give you better discipline.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.