What is up with that Jon Lester moment?


You know the one where you need to pitch the last two innings to complete the no-hitter? Yeah, I know that was a while ago but I stopped playing three innings ago so...

Lester is starting off the eighth inning in the moment with a no-hitter going, but his confidence is not full!!!

Even after I pitch the eight with the no-hitter in tact and two more K’s, his confidence is not full in the ninth!!

What is wrong with these people?! When is a pitcher’s confidence ever going to be higher than when he is seven or eight innings into a no-hitter? And you’re telling me Brett Phillips is going to be taking pitches on the black for a ball? After seven no-hit innings, he is going to be swinging the bat!!!

Just embarrassing.


Was this mission tough for you? I can't imagine whining about something more trivial than this. Moments don't come much easier than this one!


No, it wasn’t. I think I got it on second try.

If you find it trivial that the game is programmed to manipulate outcomes, then you probably enjoy the game quite a bit more than I do.

Good for you.

Personally, I’m looking for gameplay that is more transparent and, well, fun.