Some pitching animations could be better


Here are some pitchers who perform not only graceful but also poweful pitching motions, somehow their in-game motions should have been better to do them justice.
1. Tyler Glasnow
T. Glasnow real game clip
In-game mechanics
crude comparison
higher Leg-kick, longer Stride-length, more Max Shoulder External Rotation, more trunk-tilt (to 1st base) & trunk-bent forward, higher Arm-Slot, Release point needs to be closer toward home plate.

2. Gerrit Cole
G. Cole real game clip
In-game mechanics
crude comparison
lower glove-side arm during Early-cocking phase; longer Stride-length, more trunk-bent forward,more front-knee extension, Release point needs to be closer toward home plate.
Not quite smooth as regards the sequential body segments movement. Timing of trunk rotation seems too early to cause the final arm whiplash motion way too stiff.
Some pitching animations look smooth in live game speed, but when examined in replay mode, you can tell the motion doesn't follow the proximal-to-distal pattern.
(Acceleration of proximal segment cause the distal segment to lag behind. While proximal segments start to decelerate, distal segments accelerate subsequently.)

3. Max Scherzer
M. Scherzer real game clip
In-game mechanics
Front-knee extension is a common characteristic among power pitchers. Such motion might help pitcher to generate greater ground-reaction force.
"Pitching coaches will occasionally describe this behavior as ‘firming up the front side’."
Nevertheless, some pitchers prefer to fix front-knee angle during acceleration phase instead of extending front-knee aggressively.
Lower glove-side arm during Early-cocking phase; Bend trunk forward more violently; More Front-knee extension; Tuck glove closer to chest.

There are still some more pitchers to be included in this discussion: Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Jim Palmer, ...etc.
Since MLB The Show is an action-based baseball simulation, I think the pursuit of realistic player motion plays an important part as regards to increase the fun of playing this game.

It is to their credit of motion-capturing staff that there're still many good animations.
Looking forward to see MLB The Show to improve in every aspect as it's the best baseball video game to date.


Great post!


This isn’t really something I care about or notice (except for in drastic cases), but I applaud you for putting this post together.


The Show 20, animation updates for these 3 pitchers.
Tyler Glasnow
Gerrit Cole,
Max Scherzer,
Tweaks of Glasnow's animation looks much, much better than '19 version.
Cole, might need more trunk downward motion.
Scherzer, faster rhythm during acceleration phase & tuck glove hand in chest, which are two great improvements. But it could be better if he extends his stride knee.

All in all, it's great to see SDS still cares about pitching animation.