Question about Daily Missions.


I remember watching a Youtuber who stated that they like to 'stack' heir Daily Missions when the new Inning Program is due to drop.

My question is how many can you successfully stack? Right now I'm at 600 Star for the 5th Inning and have no need for any of the rest if the rewards.

I have 2 available Daily Missions that are worth 5 and 4 Stars.

If I wait to do these after the 6tn Inning Program drops; will these be the only ones that carry over? Or would any other ones that I wouldve obtained carry over?


Think you can only carry 2 for each category. But i am not 100% sure


yep, 2 for each category and if you get at least one done in each category b4 7 pm cst you will get 4 more.


@HDTowOp @warped71

Thanks. Guess I'll sit on these for awhile.

Would rather wait and have 9 Stars go towards the 6th Inn Program than this current one.

Watch; I'll do this and my next two H2H ones will be the CG wirh a Gold a pitcher and 2 hits with Commons. Lol


As others mentioned, you can only have 2 built up per category. “Stacking” the dailies would consist of making sure you have 2 in each category, but also replacing hard missions with easy ones. So if you had the gold CGSO mission, it’s hard to complete, so using the few days leading up to a new program to replace those types of missions with ones that are quick and easy to complete would be part of stacking.