Just played a guy who no doubt, tampered with the network connection


Has anyone experienced this?

Up to the top of the eighth, the game was playing great. I was losing the entire game then went up three runs. In the second half of the inning, I go to my bullpen, lose audio and everything freezes, about two to three minutes later the game unfreezes and after I put my pitcher in, we go into a freeze off.

I'm almost positive that the issues were not on my end as my desktop next to me was not having any network issues. Also, I'm wired in on both devices.

Unfortunately, I started recording late, but here's what I got.

Disconnects around 2:40.



May just be a freeze off. It happens bc these connections have been trash all year. Especially if you are away team


I had one with a guy with a bunch of dashes in his name and as soon as the game started he kept pausing and wasn’t playing and then about a minute later I had lost connection with the servers. So I’m sure there are a couple of bad apples out there.


I actually was on the beneficial side of this glitch. I was losing and my opponent went to his bullpen. Froze as soon as it showed the manager handing him the ball.

No idea why. That game was playing a little laggy though so I think it was my opponent’s connection.


Ive had like 20 or 25 lost connection games this year... That didnt seem like the opponent did it. And ive won like 6 of those games. I think its a server problem.