That feeling when


10 seconds into a RS game you experience a bad lag, request a friendly quit one pitch in and get denied.

Only for it to end up with 11 innings of maybe seeing 20-25% of the pitches somewhat effectively. Then somehow give up a run because my CF straight up froze and looked at the ball while 99 speed Ty Cobb is racing around the bases.

Then somehow get called out on a groundout when the first baseman was 20feet from the base. For me to lose, on another error this time the catcher who threw to first on his own (when no one was there.

I don’t mind losing if it was a mistake I made or if the person I was playing against was actually better than me, but that was the most messed up game I’ve played this year.


This post sums up really well what online play is like these days. Most people are complete jerks and refuse to give friendly quits even when there is lagging or an obvious glitch that impacts the game's outcome. And don't even get me started on the "freeze offs."


You two should Skype each other and just pat each other on the back and complain and than you can do us all a favor and keep it off here .. BTW if you were lagging that bad it doesn't take a genius to know that you got the visual where the 1b was off the bag but he actually wasnt. Happens a lot to me I just don't complain on a video game forum about it.