Question for Flippers


Let’s say you find a HUGE discrepancy of 100 stubs between a buy order and sell order of a bronze card and you buy five of them. You put them on the market, and what do you do? Do you leave them on the market when there’s immediately twenty orders cheaper than the one you put in, or do you cancel the sell order and try it again?


When I first played this mode two years ago I really didn't have a lot of disposable income so at lunch every day I would scan for silvers that were I think selling <200 stubs and put in all the buy orders and make sure I always put sell orders in at at least 300-400 stubs.

The nice thing is you can do it from your computer and you can set it and forget it. I'd end up doing it 3-4x day. Wakeup/ lunch/ afternoon/ before bed. Usually took 5-10 min to do and you'd make 2-3k stubs a day.

[it ain't special but its honest work meme]

Painstaking those days where you were only allowed a maximum of 20 orders at a time too.