The Perfect/Perfect Bait and Switch


I was so excited for this MLB 20 because it was advertised that user input would matter more than ever. That's all I ever wanted; all I ever asked for. Perfect/Perfect was going to mean at least an .800 batting average, Good/Good would mean....and so on.

Turns out...the displayed outcome of user input was just randomized. Absolutely randomized. Good timing, PCI dead center....the game, "No it wasn't....Good/Ok." It happens again, and you think, ok, I gotta get better. Been playing this game since launch, half the time dead center PCI means Good/Ok. Perfect/Perfect PCI position's are completely random.

Another f'n RNG experience. You got me SDS. You F'g got me.

Yeah, better players are still going to have more success...I don't know what my record is anymore, something like 44-14 or something like that. Better player's will still win more games (I'm not even that good my records probably a little inflated). But I don't can't the negativity in here on anyone other than the programmers. When you see something is Clearly red, and the game says, "no it isn''s blue," people are going to get pissed off.

All I'm saying, for all those raging on these message boards...I understand. Those taking shots at the ragers. I get it. Understand we're here because of the way the game plays.


Perfect/Perfect is a bad idea. So is labeling timing “good.” It sets a bad expectation.

“Good” timing doesn’t mean anything. Timing in this case exists on a spectrum. Any timing that results in a ball hit between the foul lines is good. Theoretically, good timing would be neutral timing...the timing of the swing that results in a ball essentially going straight up the middle. Early is pullside, late is oppo.

This is further confounded by pitch location. Early on an outside pitch could result in a ball up the middle etc. The feedback system needs to be redesigned. It gives a lot of misread information, and the use of the words good and perfect are somewhat problematic.

Perfect/Perfect should really only exist if the bat is put on the ball in its location resulting in the best possible outcome. A lot of people’s’ expectation there is a home run...but if it’s perfect/perfect on any number of pitches, that will not be the result, hence the angry posts about perfect perfect.


Perfect/Perfect should of never been a thing, it causes casual noobs to see it and they think they hit the snot out of the ball and they expect home runs all the time. Next year SDS should remove the Perfect/Perfect notification so noobs won't see it and they will calm down a bit.


Perfect/Perfect is just visual bells and whistles to make you feel good.

The only true Perfect/Perfect is pulling Trout from a headliner pack. Buy some and you will see.