I know some people are frustrated with the game and others are not. I know we all might not agree. We start fueds that continue on other threads. We watch members go back and forth and then we take our sides and rally around those who agree with our opinion. Sometimes it gets heated but...

I'm thankful for this forum because if it wasnt for you complainers, defenders of the game, bunt dancers and patch analysts....The Show would end when I turn off my ps4. You cant discuss Patch 1.08 with a perfect stranger waiting for your Coffee at your local Starbucks

This forum is like Sportscenter lmao. Everyone coming together at the end of the night to share highlights of their experiences. We may not all agree upon the state of the game but we all agree The Show Nation is pretty dope.

So in conclusion I'm thankful for all of you...even the ones I've blocked lol