A request, and a few suggestions.


To the folks at SDS, I'm a fan of The Show. Played for the first time last season and got hooked. Couldn't wait to play '20 when it came out. We're over a month in and I've done a complete 180. I hate this effin' game.

I know the pandemic has had an impact. It has for me and my business, and I'd be delusional to think it hasn't cramped SDS' ability to fix/fine tune the game expeditiously. That's fine. Just be on the up and up and say as much. If you don't have the people power to make things better, then admitting so would at least put an explanation out there. Silence is deadly at this point. This game is BROKEN.

I have two sets of suggestions -- one set for actually improving this game, and another set you can utilize if you have no plans to save this game from its current shitshow status.

Suggestion Set 1

  1. Fix the fielding. For God sakes there shouldn't be 3-4 errors a game. Fly balls shouldn't be hitting OFs in the head. Or the waist. Or the chest. And a diamond level defensive OF shouldn't take 5 seconds to field the ball, think about a crow hop, then decide to crow hop, then throw the ball. Pudge Rodriguez shouldn't be able to get a triple off a ball hit in the gap.

  2. Fix the hitting. Every facet of hitting is flawed. Perfect/Perfect is [censored]. This should be a rarity, not happen 15 times a game. And Juan Pierre shouldn't be able to hit a 420-foot bomb on a Good/Okay swing.

  3. My biggest gripe.....Adjust pitching energies and make them realistic. Corey Kluber, or any starting pitcher, shouldn't be able to take the mound in every effin' game. Initially, I was a fan of pitcher roulette going away, but in hindsight this may have been the biggest snafu of all. If a pitcher starts, then he shouldn't be available for at least the next 3 games, energy-wise. We're treating every DD game like it's the 7th game of the World Series, because we can. Kluber can pretty much go at least two innings every game. That is [censored].

Suggestion Set 2

If you keep going the same route you're on now, here are some foolproof measures you can take to make the game experience accurate:

  1. Change the name of the game to Corey Kluber Baseball '20.

  2. Get rid of defense altogether. Just let Kluber throw. All the time. They're not going to catch anything, anyway.

  3. Get rid of any hits other than HRs, so that the idea of strategy is eliminated completely. In CKB '20, you either hit a bomb, or you strike out against Kluber.


Good points... 👍