Optimizing Pitcher Readniess/Stamina


Hi everyone,

I've found when entering some pitchers into games that their stamina and confidence are lower than I would expect despite them being fully warmed up.

Couple of things I'm curious about:

  1. Can pitchers be warmed up too long?
  2. Does the game situation that pitchers enter affect confidence (ex: entering a bases loaded jam when trailing compared to enter to enter an inning up five runs)?
  3. Is it necessary to make pitchers "stretch and toss" or put them into "ready and waiting" or "scheduled to pitch"? Does that affect their stamina drain and confidence?
  4. Are there any other tips or tricks people have found that help pitchers drain stamina slower and enter with higher confidence?

Just wanted to see if anyone legitimately knew how certainly aspects of managing the bullpen really work. Haven't found many threads or videos on it.



See now this is a post that's worth discussing, not some noob posting something about what card/pack he got today or how he missed a ball in the outfield/I want a refund.

Okay since I'm a Man and a Seasoned Franchise player I will give you my theories....

  1. I do think pitchers can be warmed up too long, that's why I always bring them in about 60 percent of being warmed up so when he gets on the field and has his 8 warm up pitches he's gonna be warmed up on pitch 7 and 8.
  2. Don't know, I turn confidence off...don't need any SDS gimmicky thingy affecting my game outcomes.
  3. I usually do "Stretch and toss" when its about the 5th inning and its a close game and my Starter is approaching 80-85 pitches....so if he gives up a hit to start off the inning I'd have someone to come in prolly the next batter or two when I switch "stretch and toss" to "warm up"
  4. The best tip I can give you is make sure you have proper sliders set up to give realistic energy to your starters and bullpen guys, I'm currently testing Starter Stamina at 6 and Reliever Stamina at 5...or just go download Mike Lowe's 1.4 Sliders and play about 10 games and adjust to what you feel is correct, just use his as a base.

there should be something with pitch counts and a starter reliever stamina that carries forward today schemes If you use a reliever in consecutive days or two days in four games the stamina should be depleted or very low also starters who are on in games like in real life that are just dealing should have an attribute that lets them stay in the groove where they are just very hard to hit for one game or two games even three. They should have like a progressive pitching fatigue factor so if you use your starters in the early start of the season throwing 89 innings a game then come the summer months they'll have a lesser fatigue threshold because they've thrown so many innings The franchise is broken because you can throw a starter 9 innings and next game he's automatically rested up