POLL: Player Ratings / Values


I'm curious which answers others will give to these questions. I'll post my own answers as a reply to this post so as to avoid dynamiting the pond.

For the period from 2017 to 2020...

  1. Most consistently overvalued player, based on cost in the Community Market?
  2. Most consistently undervalued player, based on cost in the Community Market?
  3. Most-glaring omission of a former player from the Legend / Flashback series?
  1. Joey Gallo - every year his 3-digit power ratings override his woeful contact ratings, driving his price way, way above what his ratings merit.
  2. Jon Lester - I've gotten his silver card for very near the Quick Sell price year after year, despite the fact that his in-game representation is extremely effective, one of the best pitchers in the game.
  3. Easiest Question Ever - Barry Bonds. Get it done, SDS. Please. 🙂
  1. Not so much this year but based on cost alone from 2017-2019 has to be Mookie Betts. He was always the least useable of the top live series cards and always close to 100k
  2. Roberto Osuna. Has had the same ratings for 3 years now and is always QS price. Ol’ reliable in the pen for me
  3. For legends- Bonds and Jeter, couldn't get more obvious than these two. For flashbacks my choice was fulfilled already. We never got a really good Miggy card until this year