For the past month-plus, the overwhelming majority of my PS4 time has been spent in The Show. I've noticed some display issues as well as some issues which break immersion in various modes:

  • When a player comes to the plate wearing the number 0, the PA Announcer says that his number is "Double Zero". It would be great if we had the ability to wear 00, but we don't... which makes it all the more odd that the script given to the person playing the PA Announcer would contain "Double Zero".

  • While in Road to the Show, very often a play will happen which results in an increase in the relationship tier between our player and another player on the field. The graphic "Relationship Increased' appears, but unless we happen to be looking in the right direction there's no way to tell which relationship increased to the next tier with which player. Please add the appropriate player's name to this display.

  • Similar to the above note, it would be good if we had the option to display relationship increases in general in a list which would appear briefly in the top left or top right of the screen.

  • When playing RttS as a catcher (on defense), a pop-up in the vicinity of home plate is announced by Matt Vasgergian as being in play for whoever the nearest infielder happens to be, with the follow-up call being MV exclaiming that the catcher caught the ball, with MV sounding very surprised. This one is just weird.

  • BIG missed opportunity for in-game immersion: in an RttS pitching career, my player has been practically begging his agent to get him out of Kansas City for nearly two full seasons. The trade finally happened, sending my guy to the Mariners (ugh). Interestingly, my first start for my new team was against the Royals, the team I'd left only 48 hours earlier. The commentators made absolutely no mention of the trade throughout the entire game. My old team is filled with Rivals and Fierce Rivals, but this seems to have had no impact on the commentary, either. After a few innings of there being no mention of my guy asking out of Kansas City, etc... I plunked my old catcher in the middle of his back with a 94 mph fastball. No mention. The next time said catcher came to the plate, I plunked him again in the same spot with another 94 mph fastball. Again, nothing. (I didn't even get a warning from the umpire). To my way of thinking, this sort of thing is a major, huge missed opportunity.

Thanks as always for a fantastic game so far this year, for taking feedback and responding, and for all the efforts involved in making The Show - one of the very best games available each year, in my opinion.