Showdown success story


While I’m probably about to lose to the final boss, I thought I’d share this “success” with you guys.

I had to play six innings and let the cpu catch up three times to the tune of eight runs, but I finally hit four XBH in that Joe Carter mission.

Yeah, it’s a bit embarrassing that it took me that long, but I wanted to let others know that in some cases, it IS feasible to let the cpu tie the game in order to give you more time to complete the requirements.

It’s also a bit laughable. I mean it’s pretty hard to hit sinkers, change ups, and sliders in the dirt for XBH for me, but onwards and upwards!


Definitely helped me also, I just completed it finally. I had 15-9 going into the final. Facing Feller you just have to be really patient do not compromise wait for the fastball up and crush!