Final franchise thread (I hope)


After 2 corrupt save files I think I finally figured out what was wrong. This will hopefully be my last attempt at a franchise I will keep updates in this thread.

Playing as: Red Sox

Roster using: OSFM V2.

As I played all the games up til mid June i decided to sim til June and go from there. I'll post my updates below.


April Update 1: After simulating April. I am in 4th place behind the Yankees Ray's and Blue Jay's.


May Update 2: On May 1st I call up Bobby Dalbac who is on a terror in the minors.

Mid May I make a minor league trade With the Padres. Sending a package centered around Durran to SD for Quantril and Patito.

I end May still in forth place.


June Update 3: I enter June in forth place 6 games back in what is a very close race minus Baltimore. I stop simulating and begin playing games just after the draft.

Mid June I am involved in a 3 team trade (I do this often by flipping a player to a team and then flipping part of or all of my return to another team immediately) in this trade the Nationals get Morland the Braves get Eaton and Perez and the Red Sox get Newcomb who I send immediately to the minors for more development.

I end June. In second place behind the Rays


How do you feel about the missing sox minor leaguers! I noticed Rusney Castillio isn't in it 😞


@Matty-Tomato91 said in Final franchise thread (I hope):

How do you feel about the missing sox minor leaguers! I noticed Rusney Castillio isn't in it 😞

In the OSFM V2 download in the roster vault he is. Other missing players like Feltman are there too


Quick poll. I've got a weeks worth of games left to the trade deadline. I'll probably have them played through in the next few days. I'm struggling in 4th place. I'm still within striking distance but watching my play off chances hang by a thread. I'm stuck between holding onto key players and hoping to catch fire down the stretch or selling key players like JD Martinez (who I switched to a 1 year contract before my franchise to mirror the likely hood of him opting out at the end of the season) for prospects and focusing on rebuilding for the future. Should I sell off guys to try to rebuild and contend in the future or should I hold onto play off Hope's and risk letting guys like Martinez, Bradley and Workman go without a return?


Depends on what you can get.


July Update 4: We will get to me in a second first. Let me provide some key league updates.

AL Futures win 9-5.
Arenado wins HR Derby in 3rd swing off round.
AL All Stars win 15-14 in 13 innings.
PCL All Stars win 5-4.
EEA All Stars win 4-0.

Key Trades:
Yankees Orioles: Santander for prospects.
Cubs Rangers: Gallo for Happ & Rizzo.
Cubs Pirates: Frazier for prospects.
Ray's Rockies: Story for Morton, Margot & Adames.

Now on to me. I find myself struggling at the deadline. In 3rd behind the Ray's and Yankees. In striking distance but hanging by a thread. I decided I cant let some of these guys walk without getting anything back. So I become a seller and fire sale a bunch of my players in last year of contract as well as one to clear salary. Through suggested trades and some trade block creativity however, I may remain a contender. I net mostly mid (C potential) level prospects. I do however add a handful of guys who may help me contend down the stretch and still have some years of team control (a win now rebuild if you will) and a few I consider rentals.

A Recap of pre July trades


  1. Padres. Prospects for prospects.

  2. 3 team with Nationals and Braves. Nationals get Morland & Hernandez. Braves get Perez & Eaton. I Get Newcomb.

My July deadline trades were as follows:

  1. Bradley to Cubs for prospects. (CPU sugedted)

  2. Eovaldi to Twins for prospects. (CPU suggested)

  3. Rodriguez, Plawecki & a prospect to Reds for Senzel (5 years control ). Say hello to my new Brock Holt.

  4. A three team trade with the Dodgers and Pirates. Dodgers get JD Martinez, prospects. Pirates Get Workman, Hernandez, Peraza, prospects. I get Peterson & Archer (both rental place holders) Graterol (6 years control and grooming in minors to be my new closer) Stripling (2 years control) Bell (2 years control).

Despite the fact that I may have just handed the Dodgers the World Series, my new look Red Sox will hopefully be a contender down the stretch and for years to come. I cap off July by calling up Newcomb (who I got from the Braves in June) he will round out my rotation. I also sign Devers to a well deserved 8 year extension worth 160 mil. Back loaded. On to the dog days of August.