How many ABs


Do you give someone before you pull them from your lineup due to non-production?

LS Gallo is batting .091 online in 25 PAs (all during this HORRENDOUS Event) and is batting .111 in 18 PAs offline (mainly Conquest games on Rookie - All Star.

Also, I just picked up the BO David Ortiz and am batting .000 in 8 PAs with him offline (Conquest Rookie - All Star)

Gallo all stay in until I hit my Innings totals with Rangers players (146/250 and 55/150).
Same with Ortiz (93/250 and 6/150).

After that, who knows.


You can’t compare event stats to beginning of RS stats. Since investing in Trout I’m batting like 4 for 33 with him. But all events games but 1. He will stay my 3 spot tho. Conquest /AI is strange, 99 Posey is my best hitter on HOF normally batting close to .400 where at FOF Torres is .192 vice versa RS & Events Torres leads both team Bat AVG & OPS