LS Diamonds


With the possibility of no season, or a shortened season, which could mean no attribute updates; what is everyone's consensus of these holding their value.

I have 150K saved up and missed out on the 'crash' last night from the last Flash Pack.

There are a few I can pick up, which could help my squad (if I decide to attempt RS) before I run through some MTO runs for the FOTF players.

I doubt any of them will fall to QS value; but I see a few of them are getting close.

Naturally Trout, Belli, DeGrom, Scherzer, and Cole will keep their value, but I would hate to pay 20K+ for someone I can get later on down the road for 8-10K.

And no, I probably won't go foe Mantle unless I find a huge windfall in stubs


Every LS diamond except the ones you named, Verlander, Yelich, Bregman, and maybe lindor will be QS price at some point