Okay so I see you all saying that your outfielders don’t lock on, but from what I’ve noticed it’s not that. They’re locking on, they’re just locking on too far from where they need to be to make a clean catch. 4 examples from my play yesterday

  1. Line drive right at Reggie Jackson, I need him to go left, but since he’s already locked on, he moves abysmally slow and the ball sails by him

  2. Infield pop up to Matt Olson. It’s behind him, again, he’s locked in to catch it so he slowly, and I mean slowly, backpedals and then falls over resulting in a hit.

  3. Same thing as Jackson, but in left field with tony Gwynn. Ball hits his glove and falls

  4. Same thing as Olson, but with Gary Sheffield over at third.

Fielding is still an issue, and these aren’t the only things. Catchers block a ball in the dirt then take too long to throw to first, runner is safe because the runner is speeding down the line. Infielders getting caught in animations that cause them to move to slowly to the ball and it either gets thru or the runner is safe. Tags not being applied in time to get outs. To me this is probably the most glaring issue in the game.