After 240 hrs of gameplay. (I skipped 19, been a consecutive avid since 13’)


I see nothing wrong with pitching. No missed spots etc, if your miss locating w analog what’s your pitchers control?

What I do find with game outcomes is the randomness. I take pride in having both more hits and more K’s then OP. If you outhit me 7 to 9 and out K me 7 to 9 you should win the game 75% of time. (Unless you’ve given up 2 more walks then we equal) I understand XBH can level the hitting aspect but if I’ve gotten 6 hits the whole game vs someone who has 10 I deserve to lose but what I am seeing is the RUNS scored vs total HITS is less then .500 a lot. IRL runs scored vs base hits mb around .500 to .650 unless you suck w RISP.


  1. less double play good / good or < (I’ve hit into a DP 3 times in 5 innings on good / good +’s )

Tone down HR’s on harder difficulties..
Those with zone, award better results the more intact the ball is within the output.. if edge of input vs inside input, inside input should prevail.


HR totals are so random that it is hurting the gameplay. What are HR IRL runs scored stat mb .550 ish max? (Give more love to contact hitters)


I like that pitchers are getting more K’s this yr compared to 18’. If I’m 9/k per game average im satisfied.. don’t make pitch speeds any slower on set difficulty SDS