An RTTS idea - post play emotes


I find myself after a play (as pitcher) wanting to acknowledge some good fielding with a point of the glove or a fist pump or something (I must be inspired by the relationship icons appearing above our heads).

Got me to thinking it would be a cool addition to add some post-play emotes to the mode that can be earned/purchased/whatever in the same way that HR calls are, and can be assigned to buttons that are dead weight while the post-play animations are going (basically everything except X and Options button). So that’s 14 possible emotes per position or to keep it simpler 14 for outfield, 14 for infield and 14 for pitcher).

Of course, this idea could be extended beyond RTTS to Player Lock as well.

Is it a gimmick? Yes. But why not?


I don't really see a purpose in it. The whole friendship meter is a giant gimmick. It gives you minor boost that really does nothign. This just adds to it. Now if SDS would get off their [censored] and add a personality thing to the game. Then post play celebrations would be cool. Because this could effect your lineup spot, trade value etc. Depending on the type of player you are.