I’m not an apologist or making excuses for the game, but look at your pci. If you have 3 dots, diamonds or lines on your pci, you’ll notice that for some hitters, they have thicker dots on the top then they do the bottom of the pci. This plays a roll in the way a ball comes off the bat

If you have a player with a thick top diamond, then most perfect perfect fly balls should be home runs, same goes for the middle, but if you hit that small circle at the bottom, it will most likely result in a weaker exit velo and an out as you got under the ball. Think of it the same for a guy with a thicker dot at the bottom.

I use 93 Tony Gwynn and on high pitches, he can have a good-good, but because that dot is smaller, it’s less likely to result in a hit. But if I get good contact on a low pitch, he’s most likely going to get a base hit. A sinker that falls right into that lower dog usually gets lined over the head of infielders and lands in front of the outfielder. Plus, if I get a perfect perfect fly ball, it’s usually a fly out to center because Gwynn has power in the 30s. If I hit a perfect perfect fly ball with someone like Gary Sheffield, it’s going to result in a home run 90% of the time because his power is in the 100s.

Not trying to start a debate, just saying if you think of the indicators, the thicker the dot, the better chance you have of solid contact