Perfect Perfect foul ball


So when I hear perfect perfect I assume two things:

  1. perfect contact means I hit the sweet spot on the bat barrel, and the ball will go further or hit harder

  2. the timing is such that the ball is caught out in front of the plate to be driven.

So far, I haven't seen any negatives about perfect or even squared up contact, the ball comes off the bat hard and fast.

I have gotten a perfect timing and seen a foul ball. Wouldn't perfect timing mean that the ball is in play at least, if not right up the middle?

Having a perfectly timed hit going foul doesn't really make sense, at least to me. Can anyone explain?


Where was the pitch? If it was inside for example, the best place to hit it would be way out in front of the plate, resulting in a line drive foul.


You hit a perfect foul ball that's all.